About Traci...

Traci's Vision

The Journey

Growing up in a fast paced city, Traci worked through many different programs, such as Reiki, BLU-e and even going on to achieve her Doctorate in Metaphysical Science in order to transcribed the work she put forth in her 'Alive and Thrive' seminars. She traveled on an extended trip through Europe, connecting with people of all walks of life in order to expand her horizons as to where her journey would lead. With the support of her loving family, she strives to honor her passion and drive in life.                     

Traci Wilson-Soto is committed to the transformation and healing of others. She constantly is visualizing a more peaceful, authentic world in which all mankind can coexist in harmony.

What People Are Saying About Traci Wilson-Soto...

The Commitment 

Traci Wilson-Soto is a innovative thinker who strives to create more possibilities to all who wish to change their lives and the world around them. Working with leading healers, counselors, entrepreneurs, families and friends she has committed her life to formulating new ways to lead individuals from all over the globe,   teaching authenticity and seeking to bettering the world on a universal level.

The Work

After becoming a Metaphysical Counselor, Traci decided to emit her work outward. She is putting together her first novel and counsels outside of her seminars, helping the movement of human growth and transformation as a whole. 

The Discovery of You
Join Traci on a excavating journey to uncovering what is unconsciously running your current life patterns. She will help you reveal the tools that are key to remapping your life desires and purpose. Using her unparalleled '9 Steps to Excavating Your Extraordinary Self'' program, you will be lead down a road to your authentic self.    
" My time with Traci was truly transformative. With trust and a safe place to open myself up to Traci, we were able to revisit times in my past that have been unsettled and never completely dealt with. Traci's program has taught me that an extraordinary life is up to me. Thank you for the passion you give into your programs and thank you for the gift you have given me."
- Lindsey Sartori, Educator

" Dr. Wilson-Soto helped me see past my life long story I had been holding on to. Thanks to her program I got to take charge of my life and know I am ready to rewrite my future and make it healthy for me and my family. Thank you so much!"
- Trevor Cook, BLS-First Responder

" If you want to move forward in your life, Traci is a tremendous tool to help you do that. If you are ready, she is waiting for you. She is loving, non-judging and a gifted, beautiful person! I am looking forward to more sessions with her on my journey to personal growth. I am grateful for her. "
- Kristin Clements, Oakley Design Executive

"..a truly gifted intuitive...she is driven by her passion & intention of healing others. Her center will be a light that embodies all..."
- Holly Eden Morrow, founder of  BLU-eden