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Intuitive One on One Life Counseling with Dr. Traci Wilson-Soto

​Need a little extra help? Can't seem to break a certain pattern or accept parts of an old story? Come sit in a one on one session with Traci and get clarity in the areas of your life that maybe weren't addressed with the 'Alive and Thrive' program. Meet in a private setting and get complete with your reality. 

Join the 'Alive and Thrive' Movement!

Do you see a constant pattern that keeps happening in your life? Whether it is money, love, career choices or something that drives at a deeper level? Traci helps uncover dynamic principle distinctions which assist in breaking down old patterns that no longer are in alignment with our extraordinary passions, desires or driven purposes. In this 'Alive and Thrive' program, it takes you through 9 essential steps to excavating and revealing your authentic self and truth, leading way to your deepest desire. This program was designed by Traci Wilson-Soto to help live your life with purpose by your design, effortlessly. Find your purpose and live the extraordinary life you were meant for, now.